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Creating custom excel exporting

Gregory Gibble

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Hello all,


I have a client that utilizes spotfire as a reporting tool and is need of some customization to their exporting for legal reasons. Looking for any ideas that would take a current spotfire report which has multiple tabs of data and be able to export them to an excel file with the following 

  1. Ability to populate the report title and data into their respective tabs 
  2. Import the company logo onto each tab
  3. Insert items into the header and footer of the excel file which would include text for legal requirements

These are the key headaches that I am currently running into. I am open to suggestions and ideas on how to tackle this. All of the information is needed for compliance reasons but could be open to moving them around. 

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Hi Gregory

Spotfire 14.0 added some capabilities to format Excel exports, but from your description it doesn't quite have the features that you neeed.

In the field teams, we are working on a capability for creating PowerPoint exports by inserting Spotfire images and text into a pre-created PowerPoint file, but we are not currently working on anything similar for Excel.

Depending on your level of expertise with Python, you might be able to take the approach demonstrated in this article and use a different python library, something like openpyxl, to achieve the desired result.  It should also be possible to use the Python library inside Spotfire with IronPython if you don't have access to a Python Service instance.

These are non-trivial options but maybe someone else on the Community has already worked on this and would be willing to share their work or advice.


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2 hours ago, Scott Sutton 2 said:

Have used the EPAM Excel Export add in for very similar requirements: EPAM Excel Export for TIBCO Spotfire

It is an additional cost but I think it meets a lot of your requirements. 

I do like this add on but I do not think funding is in the spot currently for this. Trying to look for more of an IronPython or similar approach to keep this on the free side here.

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