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How to embed spotfire reports by providing URL with iframe


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I am trying to find related documentations on the website about how to embed spotfire reports by providing a URL with iframe without login.

Regarding to the similar issues, I've found reference such as JavaScript API solution as below:

But this, in my understanding, is for individual user to do it.

Since my team is using commercial edition and working as business level, there might be some other embedding options or security considerations.

We really need a help to refer some related documentations and solutions for further technical details. 



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Hello Trista,

The option to embed a Spotfire analysis in web pages using iframes was removed as modern web browsers are ending support for third-party cookies.

To embed an analysis in a web page, it is possible to make a web mashup using the Spotfire JavaScript API instead, as described in the page you linked to. Using the JavaScript API, anyone can easily embed a Spotfire analysis into a web page by simply adding a few lines of code (vs copy/paste the URL with iframe) into a web page. 

Is there anything that prevents you from using the mashup method? Please let me know

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Hi Arnaud and Jose, 

Thank you so much for your guidence and supports.

Your replay and this POC really helps us a lot to understand and implement the idea.


Our team tried the code but yet seemly facing some authentication issue.

The error shows "Status not OK. ERROR: Third party cookies must be allowed for domain"  



We use the Loader API, and found the documentation says external/web suthentication need to setup with server:



Then, we tried to enable the authentication option on Spotfire Configuration Tool with "Enable External Authentication" and add IP in the below field, but still not working.



As the "403 Forbidden" shows below, XHR still cannot request for the reports:  



We are looking for solution with official documentation and thinking SameSite Cookie Attribute setting might be the solution. But we are not sure if this is the right direction.



We would greatly appreciate it if you could provide any additional information.

Many thanks!




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