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Export data tables using a button and script

Shawn Chung

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Hi, I would like to export data tables (table names: 'sales', 'customers') to the same path where the document is in excel format. 

I want to create a button in a text area and add a script to do this.

Can you help me with the script?

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Hi Shawn, did you already look at this article for inspiration? Let us know how you get along with your script. If you give a bit more information about what you have started and what is not working, you might get more replies from other users as well. Hope this helps,



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Hello @Shawn Chung, You can also use  IronPython Scripting in Spotfire. A combination of what Heleen mentions and these other resources can help you achieve what you want.  There are several articles on how to export data.


Exporting in Excel format can be done directly from the desktop by right clicking on the visualization (cross table, graphical table or regular table) and export to Excel


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