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How to configure alert monitoring and alert registration in Spotfire 12.0.5 LTS? The option is not available under tools in the Spotfire client. Do we need to add any packages? Any article would be helpful

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Hi Prabakaran

Reading between the lines of your previous answers it sounds like you do not have the existing installation files for the Alerting Extension.

As mentioned in the article, we are no longer supplying the previous version of this tool to new users. Only users who previously purchased this extension as part of a Professional Services engagement prior to November 2023 are able to download and install the Alerting Extension.

Going forward a new version of the tool called "Alerting Framework for Spotfire" will become available shortly. This will become available on the Spotfire Community once it is ready.

If I have misunderstood your situation, please feel free to reach out to me directly so we can have a discussion about your exact needs.



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