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Unable to view word cloud mod in web player (visual is blank), getting websocket failed error. Looking for a support

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If you try any other mod, do you have similar issues, or is it just the word cloud mod you have this problem with?

What Spotfire version are you using? Note that word_cloud_mod_for_tibco_spotfirer_1.0.5 is for Spotfire 11.5 or later.

FYI: Considering the websocket error, just for testing, I did a quick test (using Spotfire 11.4 and the 1.0.4 version of the mod) with websockets enabled or disabled in the Web Player (https://docs.tibco.com/pub/spotfire_server/11.4.1/doc/html/TIB_sfire_server_tsas_admin_help/server/topics/spotfire.dxp.worker.core.config_file.html - webSocketsEnabled="false") but the mod opened fine in either case.

As you may have seen on the community landing page, the community will be set in read-only mode today while being migrated to a new community which will interrupt any communication here. I recommend that you open a support case in the support portal (https://support.tibco.com) for this particular issue. In general, issues in specific mods is supported via community or github but this *sounds* more like a Spotfire platform issue (without having all the details), and thus supported via regular support.

When opening the support case, I recommend that you include the following details about the error.

  1. Enable the Developer Tools in your web browser and capture a .har file from when you open the analysis and get the error.
  2. Take a screenshot of the entire screen where the error can be seen
  3. Generate a Troubleshooting Bundle on the server (so the Web Player logs can be analyzed) and attach that.
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