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Data filtering issue?

Bharath V

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# Sample Case registration

Library (sqldf)


inp<- CaseRegTable

inp_int=inp%>% filter(between(inp$Follow_up_Receipt_Date,startdate,enddate))

inp<-sqldf(“select Case Number,Follow-up_seq_Num,Product Name,Initial_or_Follow_up,Follow_up_Receipt_Date,Country”)



grplist= unique(inp$Case_ID), I m used this script for create the Case_reg_sample data ,Assign the input and output parameters as per the below Screenshot, But when im filtering the start and end date. (Example start date:- 12/5/2023 to End Date:- 1/5/2024), But filtered data will shows only 12/4/2023 to 1/4/2024.

Here Follow_up_Receipt_Date Data type is DateTime, start and end date Datatype is Date. Please help me out for this issue

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The problem seems generated by your data function, not Spotfire native filtering. The statement:

  inp_int=inp%>% filter(between(inp$Follow_up_Receipt_Date,startdate,enddate))

 seems to correctly filter between startdate and enddate.

However, I don't know what the input and output are, so without a sample dxp so I can see how the data function is defined with respect to the data, I cannot help further.

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