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The progress bar doesn't display until the end of the data reload - IronPython

Priyank Dwivedi

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I intend to show a progress bar using SPotfire's "ProgressService" and refer to this article :


In my scenario, the table that is being reloaded is added as an 'information link' and runs an SQL procedure based on certain parameters. The code seems to work fine but the progress bar dialog shows up for "5" seconds based on the time.sleep syntax.

There are two issues with this code:

1) The data refresh only starts after the dialog is automatically closed down (timer = 5 sec)

2) How can I keep the dialog until the data refresh is completed?

# Tables(s) to refresh - change/add more if requiredTbls = List[DataTable]()Tbls.Add(Document.Data.Tables['PD_OUTLOOK_GROSS_ROLLUP_TBL'])  ps = Application.GetService[ProgressService]()def ex(): try:  ps.CurrentProgress.ExecuteSubtask("Retrieving and Formatting Data") Document.Data.Tables.RefreshAsync(Tbls) time.sleep(5) ps.CurrentProgress.TryReportProgress() ps.CurrentProgress.CheckCancel() print('A')  except: #pass traceback.print_exc() print('B')ps.ExecuteWithProgress("Data Retrieval", "Retrieving and Formatting Data for Report", ex)
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