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Pie chart sector size by seems to size by number regardless of negative or positive numbers

Charlotte Price

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Hello Charlotte,

Just to confirm, is the question about the size or the sorting?

The sorting is indeed based on absolute numbers. The ability to control how negative values are handled sounds like a very good for the Ideas Portal - https://spotfi.re/ideas. I didn't find any existing idea so I recommend that you create an idea.

The only (bad) way I can think of today would be to add an offset (e.g. the min value) to shift them all to be positive values


Sum([Value]) THEN [Value] + Abs(Min([Value]) OVER (All([Axis.Color])))

That can give you the sort order you want but at the expense of making the actual size value rather useless.

(Note that negative value segments are indicated with a red line).

For now, it might be better to use a different plot type, e.g. a bar chart to visualize that data


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