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Image Layer change in Tree Map Chart

Jungwoo Kim

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image.png.46f1c67ff699984fbd4dab602203238f.pngI have a question about possibility of some customizing function in spotfire.

Here the thing.

1. Make Tree Map Chart like the picture I upload (like Floor filter)

2. When I click the buttons, Image Layer in Map Chart changes.

(Ex. If I click the "8F" Button, "8F" Iamge Layer appears in Map Chart.

If I click the "7F" Button, "7F" Image Layer apperas in Map Chart.)

※ I already have realized that using Test Area & Ironpython Script make it possible​ for what I wanted. But I wanna know the possiblity in Tree Map Chart.

(Spotfire) Image Layer change in map chart (tibco.com) )

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Hello @Jungwoo Kim,

Yes there is better way to control image layer in map chart,

Hence to control image layers in a map chart, explore library-specific methods, overlay layers, and GeoJSON features. Consider image tiling for large datasets, utilize WebGL or canvas rendering for advanced control, and implement dynamic image loading for optimized performance.

Third-party plugins and custom implementations may offer additional functionalities based on your specific needs.

I hope you might overcome from this problem.


Mach Brown

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