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Visual and calculate Performance vs prediction Forecast

Kate E

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Data: We have unique ID, Date, ( normalized and actual) and multiple streams for individual oil and gas wells. We also have historical predictions for performance which we want to compare both via calculations and visually. i.e. for 30 days we were x value or % over/ under forecast. These predictions are specific to certain parameters related to the ID and there are many variations. The type curves ( predictions) could be loaded in a table and linked via the ID.

I have

in the past added static curves from excel for background visual and brute

force calculations ( i.e. add columns for predictions for metrics). But would

like a less manual/ more streamlined way to select an ID and then turn on and

off metrics and display of the prediction ( note, we already have multiple

splits for color by as a data type or forward forecast so that is not ideal). I

know how to individually get display I want but not a way a manager can open

project and use. Note, I have talked to others in the industry who also would

like same functionality but no one has been able to tell me how to build it

though think some 3rd party tools do this.


to provide more details. Open to all suggestions.

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Can you build a small, simple Spotfire analysis (DXP file), with non-proprietary data embedded or stored in it, that illustrates this use case?

A concrete, sharable example will help make the discussion here more productive.

It will also help focus the discussion if you post the version of Spotfire you are using.

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