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Is there a way to change the column width and cell heigth from a custom renderer?

Ronald Brill

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I have implemented a CustomValueRenderer that converts text into a graphic. Works fine so far. But the graphic requires larger cells to be readable.

Therefore i like to change the column width and the cell height (for all cells) at best at the moment the cell renderer for a column is switched to my one.

Any chance to do this from my C# code?

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Next stupid question....

Wrote a CustomApplicationEventHandler. The handler is triggered and the AddEventHandler method is called when open a new document.

But my method ValueRenderersChanged() is never called.

  public class ContentTypeDetectEventHandler : CustomApplicationEventHandler


    private static ExternalEventManager externalEventManager = new ExternalEventManager();

    protected override void OnApplicationInstanceCreated(AnalysisApplication application)



      application.DocumentChanged += (obj, eventArgs) =>


        AnalysisApplication app = obj as AnalysisApplication;

        if (app == null || app.Document == null) { return; }



                    Trigger.CreatePropertyTrigger(app.Document, TableColumnCollection.PropertyNames.ValueRenderers));



    public void ValueRenderersChanged()



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