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How to link 2 or more visualisations to affect each others' zoom? (Via Python Scrip)

Juan Carlos Gonzalez
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I have 3 visualisations that all have geological horizons lines, for the best analysis I need that when i zoom in on one of them the other two would be affected as well, so that the horizons lines be alignes alongside the screen. The thing is, that if i want to zoom in on a particular point of the data to compare with the other visuals i need to zoom manually on each of them and align them by eye.

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Hello Juan Carlos,

To sync the zoom visuals, you need to use an IronPython script that can be triggered by Action Controls. You can add this control on a text area just like you did on your left side panel. This script only syncs two visuals, but I am sure you can change the code to your needs and apply the zoom slider range to other visuals

# You will need these two classes from the Application.Visual library: AxisRange and ScatterPlotfrom Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Visuals import AxisRange, ScatterPlot # We need to cast the visual parameters visA and visB to ScatterPlot object or whatever visual you are using in your analysisscatterA = visA.As[scatterPlot]()scatterB = visB.As[scatterPlot]() # We create a reference to the Y axis ZoomRange from the first visual (A)zoomAy = scatterA.YAxis.ZoomRange # We need to create an AxisRange object based on visual A range settings for Y axisaxisRangeY = AxisRange(zoomAy.Low, zoomAy.High) # And apply this axisRangeY object to the second visual B scatterB.YAxis.ZoomRange = axisRangeY
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