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Adding running/cumulative count to a data table

Stephane Forrer
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I'm looking to create a running count of when a Patient takes DrugA and inserting a new column as a transformation in the data canvas. I suspect I need to use intersect but can't seem to get it working. What I currently have is Count([Treatment]) OVER ([Patient], [Treatment]) which I isn't correct.

RunningCount is what I'm trying to calculate:

Patient | Treatment | RunningCount1111 | DrugA | 11111 | DrugA | 21111 | DrugB | 1112 | DrugB | 1112 | DrugA | 11112 | DrugB |1113 | DrugA | 11114 | DrugA | 11114 | DrugA | 21114 | DrugA | 3



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Brilliant, thanks Gaia it works a treat.

My actual data has gaps below so I've used Calculate & Replace column to fill down, unless you know of a way to do it a single expression? :)

// Calculate & Replace column: "RunningCount" CASE WHEN LastValidBefore(Trim([Treatment]))="DrugA" THEN LastValidBefore([RunningCount])END

Updated Example Data:



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Would this work:

  1. case
    when Trim([Treatment])='DrugA' then DenseRank(RowId(),[Patient])
    when ([Treatment] is null) and (Trim(LastValidBefore([Treatment]))="DrugA") then DenseRank(RowId(),[Patient])


I only used Trim(..) as in my case I had some spurious spaces in the drug name, you probably don't need it if the field does not have leading or trailing spaces.

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