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Hello World - Python Data Function with input/output parameters

Vincent Thuilot

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Experimenting with Python a few things, I realized there is no content with a Hello World Data Function example. Is this something that you could share/look at?

Assuming Parameter1 is the input, it could go like this:

If parameter 1 above 5, then Parameter2 (the output) Value is "Hello World!"

or "Type a number above 5".

Sorry if some content exist on this, but so far I could only find it for IronPython.

Thanks for your support, it will help to share more on this topics to my colleagues with good examples.

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Hello Gaia,

Yes, that would be a basic resource with Hello World for Python Data functions.

In the meantime I worked out on a small example attached. Will share it to my colleagues so they can see how this works.

Just thought that it was something maybe missing as a dedicated article or sample file for people to learn Python more generally.

Attached is a small video capture, the script is doing the job with a basic command to show Hello World.

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Hello Vincent,

First, I think a Hello World example is a great idea. I have added your comments here to an existing (internal) idea for exactly that.  

For now, in addition to your video, there is a Dr. Spotfire session - "Using Python in Spotfire (Data Functions)" (

) - that could be useful for anyone getting started with Python data functions. There is e.g. a basic example in that session starting at
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