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I am trying to do a full outer join with two tables within a Join Path within the Information Designer. I am trying to match GROUPNUMBER with both tables (%1 and %2) and STATEMENTDATE in the first table (%3) with EFFECTIVE in the 2nd table (%4).

Adam Meltzer

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You can do full outer join by modifying the auto-generated SQL of an information link.

For example, you can start by creating the information link with an inner join. When the information link is working with the inner join, click the "SQL..." button, and use the "Edit SQL" dialog to modify the auto-generated SQL as needed to generate the full outer join.

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Error Ora-00942 is coming from the Oracle database meaning you are attempting to execute an SQL statement that references a table or view that does not exist. It looks external to Spotfire.


For more information about join creation in Spotfire: https://docs.tibco.com/pub/sfire-analyst/latest/doc/html/en-US/TIB_sfire-analyst_UsersGuide/id/id_creating_a_join.htm

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