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How to calculate %Change from Current Quarter and Previous Quarter

Ahamed Basha

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image.png.133d757253a201052abab6152f94a134.pngI Need to Calculate % Change for the current Quarter and Previous Quarter.

%Change - Current Quarter - Previous Quarter / Previous Quarter

and also I need to show only Current Quarter and Previous Quarter in the report which is Q3 & Q2.

Once Q4 data will be available it should be at the top and Q3 will be at the bottom.

I am a tableau developer and new to spotfire.

Tableau FYI. Like this I need to show.

Tableau Screenshot:

image.png.6cdacfe78dab93d8b4f6abdc2a8ec957.pngIf I add any filter the records will get update and also the %Change should get updated accordingly.

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* If you only need to include the current and last quarter in the analysis EVERYWHERE, consider if you could filter the data during import instead, so you don't have to handle the Quarter filtering later.  

* Assuming that you do import data containing more than just the last two quarters, consider using the method I suggested in response to your previous question about that (in short, use Show/Hide to just show the last two quarters) (https://community.spotfire.com/s/question/0D54z00009g9XI9CAM/new-2-spotfirehow-to-show-current-quarter-and-previous-quarter-in-graphical-tablewhen-ever-we-have-new-quarter-it-should-display-current-quarter-at-the-top-and-previ-quarter-at-the-bottom-only-we-need-to-disply-current-quarter-and-previous-quarter)

* You can easily create a % Change expression using the existing "Difference %" expression as a starting point. 


End Result:

UniqueCount([DocumentNumber]) THEN ([Value] / First([Value]) OVER (NavigatePeriod([Axis.Rows],0,-1))) - 1 as [Difference %]

How the individual parts of that expression work is described in the following section in the manual:


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