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We have a alert subscription that is running. We can not view or delete the subscription. Is there a place where an admin can disable the alert subscription? Thanks

Chris Houmard

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Hi Chris

If there is a problem showing the alert in the subscription panel, your best option would be to update the database table that controls the subscriptions and set the enabled flag to false or 0.

The table within the alerting database is called "SUBSCRIPTIONS". You can locate the subscription by searching on the various columns in the database including "ANALYSISPATH" and "FROMNAME".

select subscription_id from subscriptions where analysispath contains '%mydxp%'

Once you have the single subscription_id you can disable the subscription as follows:

update subscriptions set enabled = 0 where subscription_id = 'xxx'

We are working on a Community version of the Alerting Framework which will contain better visibility and operational management for admins to perform these kind of tasks.

If you have any trouble getting the alert disabled, please feel free to reach out to my directly.



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