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Crash when changing the value of a document property with an associated property control and a failing ironpython script

Gaspard Martin-Jouannaud

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Hello Gaspard,

I recommend that you report any such issues (defects/crashes) to our support team (open a case in the support portal - https://support.tibco.com/) so they are properly tracked and addressed.

Note 1: I did a quick test in 10.10.2 but was not able to reproduce the issue so please work with our support team to identify the exact repro steps.

Note 2: version 10.10 is quite old and is no longer receiving any fixes. Fixes are (generally) provided in the latest mainstream version and the two most recent LTS versions, which are the ones with fix support (currently 11.4 LTS and 12.0 LTS)

Note 3: Version 10.10.2 is old, even by 10.10 standards, with 10.10.6 being the latest Spotfire Analyst 10.10.x version so at the very least, you should make sure to upgrade to 10.10.6.

Best Regards


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Hello Fredrik,

I reported the issue here because I currently cannot log in to the support (I get the message "SSO login error

There seems to be an issue with your login into support.tibco.com").

As for the version I will be upgrading to the latest one soon. I will try again on that version and contact support then if I can.

Thank you for your response

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