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How to custom sort the multiple column in the table visualization ?

Rupinder Kaur 2

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There are already existing examples for this in the Iron Python script examples in the community wiki that you can refer to

To create a custom sort order


Use the DataColumnProperties.SetCustomSortOrder method:



IronPython script to Set Custom Sort Order


(C# example but may also help you)

How to set Custom Sort order on a given field (Data Column) using using TIBCO Spotfire® C# API


To apply sort order to a table plot


Use methods (primarily Add and Clear) in the TableSortInfoCollection Class:



"How to sort a column from a given data table in TIBCO Spotfire® using IronPython Scripting"



Note: Creating a custom sort order and applying the sorting can of course be done manually, without the need for any scripting, as well.

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Thanks for replying. I have already looked into all these links. I need something that can be invoked automatically on page load.

I tried to write the code in Python, but I am stuck at the end when I have to set the column value with sorted values in the data table. Also, how can I sort the other columns in the same script?

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import DataValue

from System import Array, Type

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import DataPropertyClass 

from Spotfire.Dxp.Data import *

from System.Collections.Generic import List

# Specify the table and column name you want to custom sort 

table = Document.Data.Tables["DEFAULT_table"] 

cursor = DataValueCursor.CreateFormatted(table.Columns["Category"])

 # Define your custom sorting order 

customSortOrder = ["tw_monitoring","tw_ods","tw_proactive","predict"] 

# Function to get the custom sort order for a value 

def getCustomSortOrder(value):

 return customSortOrder.index(value)

# Get the data from the specified column 

valData = List [str]()

#iterate through table column rows to retrieve the values

for row in table.GetRows(cursor):

#rowIndex = row.Index ##un-comment if you want to fetch the row index into some defined condition

value = cursor.CurrentValue

if value <> str.Empty:


valData = List [str](set(valData))

#print valData;

#sorting the value

sortedValues= sorted(valData,key=getCustomSortOrder)

#print sortedValues

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