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How to connect Spotfire to Azure HDInsight or Azure Blobs(WASB)or Azure HDinsight Hive

Somnath Patil

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My data is present in HDInsight and Azure Blobs in AzureCloud . Now I want to connect to Azure HDinsight or Azure blobs,Azure Hiveto get data for Spotfire.

How Can I achive this Is there any connectors to connect Azure Blobs or Azure HDInsight to pull data into Spotfire.

Please suggest.



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Using Odata for conecting to the service link of a file located in the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.

It always result in the ---

External error:

The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.

Although the same server is reachable throughthe client end ie. If weuse the service link it automatically download the file..

Can any one reflect the same problem using OData connectors-- if yes, do we have any resolution to the above.

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