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Renaming blank fields

Dimitry Rogov

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I have a column titled " Expiration Date" which is linked to an Excel file depicting expirations dates for certain contracts. Some contracts do not have an expiration date; therefore, they show up as blank fields in my dashboard. How can I rename the blank fields to N/A or TEXT format. It allows me to put a DATE value for the blank fields, but not a TEXT value.

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If your "Expiration Date" column has been imported as a Date column, you can only put valid dates in it.

If you don't need to use that data type (e.g. in order to sort in date order, or perform operations that are only possible on dates, like the various "Date and Time" functions), you could simply convert it into a string column instead, and then you can replace the missing dates using whatever text strings you want.

Depending on your use case, maybe having both variants would be an option - you could simply add a calculated column that is the string version of your column (e.g. using the expression "String([Expiration Date])") and display that column when it makes sense, and the original column when that makes more sense.


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