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Is There a "Group By" or "Over" Option for Data Function Python Scripts?

Joel Dror 2

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I want to code a data function using Python.

My end game is to compute a polynomial fit on series that I get in a certain column.

As a simple example, I tried coding a data function that computes the maximum of a certain column.

I coded this:

Y = Y.to_numpy(dtype=float, na_value=0)

MaxVal = pd.Series([max(Y)]*len(Y))

However, I want the series to be grouped by different columns' values.

So that I get the maximum of each sub-set, similar to what we can do with:

Max([Y]) Over ([ColumnA], [ColumnB])

I see there is an R function called group_by that probably does that, but I don't know R at all so I would like to do it with Python.

How do I do that?

Any help would be appreciated.



P.S where can I thoroughly learn an R language to use in Spotfire?

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