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Tyler Kendle

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I'm looking for a solution to a Web Player issue I have when my end user has their computer display settings for "size of text, apps and other items" greater than 100%. The default on our end user computers is set to 150% but I've seen people put them to 300% whereas I build everything on a 100%.

When an end user opens an analysis on their laptop it's almost certainly unreadable. I've tried setting a fixed page size in the Page Layout Options as well as changing the Fit to window in the document properties without luck because their scale and layout is so high.

Am I missing anything? Is there a solution that I can implement to help force the layout to appear the same as mine regardless of their scale size of text?

Thank you for reading this question.

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Hello Tyler,

As you basically trying to find a way to completely override/ignore those display settings, or what is the desired end-result?

I'm not aware of any way to achieve anything like this (you have already located the available settings in related areas that I'm aware of) but it would be good to understand the use case better - at the very least a detailed use case will be useful anyway if the outcome is that you should create an idea in the ideas portal for this.

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Hey Fredrik,

Either ignore their computer display settings or allow the dashboard to adjust automatically. I'm attaching two example screenshots of the Analyzing Stock Performance dashboard and how it looks on my laptop at 100% scale and layout from my display settings and then the second one is 150% scale and layout. Most end users have their computers set to the 150% because it is their default but some have it even higher. In the 150% screenshot you can see everything is scrunched up and hard to read. Trying to avoid this if possible.

My goal is to force the dashboard to always no matter what look like the first option (100% Scale and Layout). I've changed around the Page Layout Options like you mentioned to have fixed page sizes but that didn't seem to have any effect when I adjusted the display settings to more than 100%. Hopefully I'm just doing it wrong and you or someone else can provide a tip that would be wonderful.

Thank you for your help.

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Hello again Tyler,

I have discussed your issue with people with much more knowledge on this subject - developers that were involved in developing these parts of the product. In short, they did not have any solution for this either - it's a limitation they were aware of. As it works today, if you e.g. set a fixed size for a page, the visualization area is the same, but depending on their settings, some users will e.g. get scroll bars and others a lot of white space.   

So, I can only say that it's a very valid idea for the ideas portal (https://ideas.tibco.com/) - your use case description and screenshots illustrate the issue very well - so I recommend that you create an idea.


Checking the Ideas portal for similar ideas, I did not find anything exactly matching your request but a few (somewhat) related ones are these:  


automatically scale a page/tab to the smaller size of a phone/tablet when the analysis is used via the mobile app


Visualization canvas scaling


Font Auto-Resize based on visible table view



The only (not great) suggestions I can think of are aiming for a layout with enough space that it looks decent for the largest group of people (maybe even focus on 150% if that is the default) but not perfect for anyone, or creating multiple versions of the analysis).

Hopefully someone else here in the community can come up with something better.

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