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How to hide Gauge / Value Axis when Using Gauge Mod?

Ruby Chang

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I'm using the Gauge Mod in Spotfire, and not able to find the option to hide the Gauge / Value axis in the visualization, so I used JavaScript to hide them as below:

var css=`

.text .label {

opacity: 0 !important;

display: none !important;




And it seemed to work, see the screenshot. But when I want to export the page as pdf, the axis shows again. Is there anyway to also remove the axis in prepared report.

Thanks in advance.Screenshot2023-09-25113659.png.b8d777c38dc43553c70a196125cbad82.png 


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Hi Ruby,

In the installed Analys client there is the possible to hide the axes for all visualization, the Gauge chart included. That will have affect in the exported version as well. This configuration is unfortunately currently not available in the web client, but changes made in the Analyst client will affect the web client as well.

Alternetively there is the option to download the Spotfire Mods repo from GitHub and build your own version of the Gauge Mod. The only modification required is to set "placement": "none" on the gauge and value axes in mod-manifest.json.

The solution you are using is not recommended as changing the HTML of Spotfire may break at any time when upgrading to a new version.

Hope that helps.

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