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Spotfire color axis - hex color code for each element.

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I'm programming a spotfire mod and I want to get the hex color code of the color axis.

There's saturated colors when rows are marked and the pale colors, when rows are not marked.

I want to get the saturated colors only.

I know that one can access the hex color of the individual rows using row.color(), but in case there's no marking on data points from some groups in the color by, I'm getting only the pale colors for those groups.

I hope somebody can help.

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Hello there,

I  understand that you're working on a Spotfire mod and you're looking to retrieve the hex color codes for the saturated colors used in the color axis. You've mentioned that you can access the hex color of individual rows using row.color(), but you're specifically interested in obtaining the saturated colors, even when there are no markings on certain data points within the 'Color By' groups. Is this right?

You can also find answers to this type of questions at


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Hello Jose,

yes, you understood correctly. That's exactly what I want.

Once again with an example:

Color axis has a color by, leading to 3 colors on the categorical color axis.

  • group 1: blue
  • group 2: red
  • group 3: green

if only data points in group 1 are marked, by accessing the row properties I get

  • group 1: blue --> for marked points
  • group 1: pale blue --> not marked points
  • group 2: pale red --> not marked
  • group 3: pale green --> not marked

I cannot get the red and green values from the dataview

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