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How to set dynamic urls for a column in a table visualization?

Prateek Rawat 3

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Is it possible to set urls dynamically in a spotfire table visualization?

I have a column A and I want to make it a link using the link under renderer property.

Issue is that I don't just want to pass the value of column A as a parameter but there is one more parameter that is required before the column A value:

For example:

https://community.spotfire.com/abcd/{value of column A}

in the above url the value of column A is dynamic, but I want abcd to be dynamic as well, because in my case it is different for different values of column A.

So, is it possible to pass 1 more dynamic parameter apart from just the values of column A?

Or is there any workaround?

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To my knowledge there is no way to achieve that (I have tried to solve a similar use case myself). It's part of a very popular idea in the Ideas portal - https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/SPF-I-852 - that I really want to encourage you to vote for as every vote increases the chance of it being implemented. As there are several overlapping ideas (ability to control the display value, ability to build the link on values other than the exact column value), make sure to comment on your particular needs.

In my case, I ended up simply using the method Gaia mentioned - a calculated column - accepting that the value displayed was not exactly what I wanted.  

However, one approach (which would not work exactly like the table plot links though) might be to use the Custom DateTime Data function, which allows you to e.g. run an IronPython script when the user marks something in the plot.

Custom DateTime Data Function for TIBCO Spotfire®


In the IronPython script, you can now build the URL from the marking (value in column A) and your abcd value etc. To make sure that you solution works in Web Player (I assume you want that), you could look at the following example:  

How to open a URL in TIBCO Spotfire® Using IronPython Scripting


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