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Is there a way to send a JavaScript alert based on the number of currently marked rows?

Min Su Sun

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I want to display the message "Success!!" as an alert in Javascript when only one row is marked when a button is clicked on the text.

The analysis file I currently developed is not the result I want.

Other methods than the one I developed are also good, so please check if there is a way to solve the problem.

I will attach the tested dxp file.

Below is a summary of the source code I developed. Please note.

- Add new Document.Properties named date and markedRowCount

- Set up an iron python script that can be executed when the value changes in date(Document.Properties) (a script that sets the number of currently marked rows to markedRowCount)

- When clicking the button called alert in HTML, the code is coded to forcibly set the current time in the date and execute the markedRowCount change event.

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