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Henry Heberle

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Although I installed the library pytz, I can't import it in IronPython.

  • IronPython.Runtime.Exceptions.ImportException: No module named pytz

I have a script that is actioned and process tables, and I need to process lat,lon values, finding timezones and also finding country names, etc.

What am I missing? Thank you!

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Oh no! So it probably won't work... I asked Spitfire's team at my company to check if it's possible to install it on the server side. I thought that the python packages could be used from within Spitfire via script. So that's not possible right?

I need to find countries and timezones based on geolocation that are stored in the tables.

Thanks for the clarification about ironpython!

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Thank you for the alternative idea.

I'll keep that in mind.

At the moment they are not fully supported, only R. And it's not reliable, we always have "data function" errors. I always avoid at maximum to use data functions.

The data comes perfect with information links and then we use it to collect more data, but we need to convert dates using timezones. If we would add data function in the middle of this, because they are not stable, it would not provide us with a robust solution for our users (they query new data on the go, many per day). I can't explain why it's so unstable but I hope Spotfire's Team at Bayer will solve that and perhaps we can finally use data functions for critical data queries like this one.

I might end up adding some mapping tables... And process conversations without using a library, or somehow implementing what's in that library, hard coded in the ironpython script.

Thanks again for the support!

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