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How can I add 2 Kpi charts when they follow certain conditions ?

Antoine Gaultier

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I will try to explain as much as I can, I have basically a few KPI charts that I wanna sum together to create one KPI, but I don't want to add them all the time, I want to add them together only when they follow the conditions I want. For example each row of data has timestamps, and I calculate the difference between those timestamps. One KPI is the difference between those timestamps and another KPI is what we usually get between those timestamps, the average. I want to add this "average timestamp" to the rows where we don't have those timestamps.

Is it understandable ?

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@Gaia Paolini​  Yes sorry for the delay,

So As you can see here we have multiple KPIs, perfosimule.thumb.png.59f71f30bc5041b365ba6342661dc304.pngBasically I want to add them together and create one Kpi,

So I want to do this formula (A * Row count of A) + (D+B)*Row count of D+(E+B+C)*row count of E+(F+C)*Row count of F. and everything would be divided by row count of (A+D+E+F)

It means it's (4,9*40490+(4.38+0.8)*29303+(3.52+0.8+2.02)*1819+(1.93+2.02)*58)/71 670.

It should give 5.05 approx

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