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TIBCO Spotfire Table Manipulation

Jewelson Cagakit

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column merging can probably be achieved via a calculated column, e.g. using the Concatenate function. Row merging would create a different table with fewer rows, so I guess it is a job for a data function. If you have a specific problem, please can you elaborate and give an example, so we can formulate a more precise answer.

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Do you want your data table to have one row per Product Line and look like this:

Product Line  Disposition

IC       Valid, EOS/EIPD,Good...

AUTO      Valid, EOS/EIPD,Good...

or do you want your data table to have the same number of lines, but Product Line repeated in the empty cells?

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Unlike Excel, a Spotfire data table represents the underlying data as it is stored, without a visual component. Every row should have all the columns filled in. In your data table, it looks like you do not have a Product Line associated to most of the rows, and without any grouping columns it is not possible to assign those (e.g. Disposition=EOS/EIPD) to any Product Line.

Maybe you can change the way your table is imported, and if it comes from Excel, unmerge the cells before importing to Spotfire.

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