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One main raw data table - using two different filtering schemes. (Would be easier if the data table was split in two tables)

Ali Amer

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I am hoping someone can help me with what currently seems like a complicated issue.

I have one data table in spotfire, but that data table includes pretty much everythig.

For example, 2 columns (Rsrv, Alloc) - if one row has a number greater than 0 in Alloc then Rsrv will have zero and vice versa.

I have managed to filter to show a product list where Rsrv is greater than 0 but is marked as a late delivery incoming (split by month).

Now i need that product list to filter to show where Alloc is greater than 0 and in the due month is greater than above (so not late, as alloc means its been put aside).

(Rsrv means order sent to factory to produce)

With the pictures - one shows almost 500units late with the other picture showing the list of the products that need filtering to see any future alloc products than can be moved to the late orders.

Hope that makes sense.



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