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Could you please list out the new features of Spotfire 12.0.5 LTS that will help especially for Spotfire admins to handle tasks efficiently?

Prabakaran Rangasamy

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Adding to Kirsten's response as new features are as a general rule not added in hotfixes (nor in service packs), the first place to check are the What's New pages in the Community, which lists new features in Major/Minor releases:

What's New in Spotfire:


What's New in Spotfire 12.0:


There is often an "Administration" section in the What's New Pages (quite extensive in the 12.0 page above) that lists features that should be of particular interest to Administrators.  

Another place to check is in the release notes, which will e.g. provide additional details on service packs (considering that you wrote 12.0.5 specifically).

Release notes can e.g. be found on http://docs.tibco.com

If you are e.g. interested in the TIBCO Spotfire Server 12.0.5 release notes, see https://docs.tibco.com/products/tibco-spotfire-server-12-0-5

For a short summary of significant changes in each release, refer to the Spotfire Version History:


As the most common type of upgrade is from one LTS version to the next (e.g. Spotfire 11.4 LTS to 12.0 LTS), if you are interested in all changes, make sure to check all intermediate versions.

Best Regards


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