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In Scatter Plot can we sort the x-axis with other Numerical column?

Rahul Takle

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I tried this, can you see if it works for you?

The goal was to display [batch] but with the order of [sNort]. However it does not seem to work when they are not both categorical. So I created a new calculated column [sSNort] as


Then I went to top menu > Data > Column properties

  • selected SSNort
  • selected the Sort order tab
  • selected 'Natural string sort'.

This seemed to do the trick of sorting a string like a number (so that e.g. 10 does not come before 2).

Then I changed the X axis to [sSNort], which correctly displayed the right order.

But: I do not want to see [sSNort] on the X axis, I want to see[batch].

  • So I clicked on the side bar "Data in analysis" symbol (icon looks like a book page)
  • selected SSNort
  • it expands to the right, make sure you are on the "cog" view (Details on selected column)
  • scroll down to "Display values"
  • change Default to "Batch"
  • NOTE: make sure you click on the small "cog" to its right (Settings) and change the selection to:

Sort on original column values.

Now the tick marks on the X axis should appear as the [batch] values.

The only thing left is the label, which you can manually change to Batch by changing the Display name on the X axis expression.

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