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Error running DATA FUNCTION on website

Li Mingchao

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I registered a Data Function to generate a table, which runs normally on the client, but below error occurred when it running on the website. What are the possible reasons and solutions for this?

image.png.f93a2a836ce7b02b8dc644e8494e9f73.pngThe follw picture is the option setting of corresponding dxp:


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There is not sufficient information to determine what the issue is - for some reason, the Python service is not available. I would start by checking the status of the Python service from the TIBCO Spotfire Server web admin UI - is it listed as up and running there - and then likely move on to checking the log files for it as well. For assistance with troubleshooting this, I recommend opening a support case in the Support Portal: https://support.tibco.com

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