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Would like to add p10, p50, p90, average curves to time series data in a line chart.

Kimberly Ayers 2

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Hello Kimberly,

If you are still looking for this information, as there hasn't been any response yet, to increase the chance of getting a response in cases like this, a sample analysis with your current data, and a picture/reference to what you are trying to achieve can often help.

Just to suggest something though: in many cases, it can be a good option to explore using a data function (write/find one for R/TERR/Python) that would then return the values for the lines (e.g. displayed using Curve From Data Table).

There are also built-in Percentile (and Avg) functions in Spotfire (as well as pre-configured ones for P90, P10) that you may be able to use. As an example below, I imported some (random) data, added calculated columns for P10, P90 and Average (example expression for P90: Percentile([Value],90) OVER ([Day])), which I then drew using Lines & Curves > Line from Column Values. See attached dxp file (saved in Spotfire 12.0 with compatibility mode, so it can be opened in Spotfire 11.4 and higher)


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