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Hello Legends of Spotfire, So say you have a Map Chart with a marker layer, where you are marking item locations by [name], you are coloring by 2 sum[column values] and then using these to shape as pies. See details for further explanation.

Anthony Giambalvo

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The map looks great, except for those named locations where the column values are null. These null locations don't even appear on the map.

I can solve this problem by creating another layer, but I'd prefer all the named locations to be on the same layer so that I can easily mark and label them. I'd hate to have to jump back and forth between the layers all the time.

I think I could also solve it by assigning a bogus value to those that are null. I'd prefer not to do this though as it could throw off my numbers elsewhere in the analysis.

Ideally the named locations with their associated null values would just appear as dots on the map, however null values seem to not warrant any size at all.

Thanks in advance for any help/guidance on this.

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