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How to Rendering Images in a Grid Format in Spotfire?

Kibong Kang

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Spotfire has an image reference information table.

Map Code1, Map Code2, Image path

A, 1, \IpaddressshardfolderA1_TEST_A.jpg

B, 1, \IpaddressshardfolderA1_TEST_A2.jpg

C, 1, \IpaddressshardfolderA1_TEST_A3.jpg

D, 1, \IpaddressshardfolderA1_TEST_A4.jpg

A, 2, \IpaddressshardfolderA2_TEST_A.jpg

B, 2, \IpaddressshardfolderA2_TEST_A2.jpg

C, 2, \IpaddressshardfolderA2_TEST_A3.jpg

D, 2, \IpaddressshardfolderA2_TEST_A4.jpg


in the table.

I would like to make an image renderer with the grid-shaped X-axis is Map code1, the Y-axis is Map code2, and the image path in the grid.

I've tried this and that on the chart I'm providing, but there's no way.






  Α   B   C   D


Data Table : The X-axis qty changes.

Cross Table : Value cannot be Image Lander.

Map Chart : Only one image is added. Failed to add images based on table values.

Scatterplot: The graph portion does not have the ability to render images.

Do you have any good ideas?

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I'm sorry. Please understand that my English is not good enough.

The eigenvalues of the columns used on the X and Y axes of the data table vary.

So whenever it changes, I want the chart to automatically change its horizontal and vertical columns.

I'll try using BoxPlot :)

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