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How to use maps in spotfire which are not EPSG:3857 (cylindrical projection)?

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I have loaded a TMS (Tile Map Service) of the north pole region (from Artic Web Map Tiles) into Spotfire. It is a map in Coordinate Reference System EPSG:3573.

The map is properly displayed in Spotfire, but only if Map Chart Properties / Appearance / Coordiante reference System is set to EPSG:3857 (WGS84 Pseudo Mercator). If I set the CRS to be EPSG:3573 (North Pole LAEA Canada), then the Map is not displayed and the message " 'TMS Layer' can only be shown in the coordinate reference system 'EPSG:3857' " is displayed.

I tried to leave the Map (TMS) in EPSG:3857, which is the only option allowing it to be displayed and then to set EPSG:3573 for the marker layer (from a table with latitude and longitude values), but the marker layer is not properly displayed.

Any clues on how to proceed in order to plot a marker layer into a Map which is not in EPSG:3857 coordinates (cylindrical projection)? How should we proceed in order to enter a map in another type of reference system (e.g. via TMS) and then to display the marker layer properly??


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Hello Jose,

There is an existing idea for this in the TIBCO Ideas Portal:

Enhancement for TMS layer in Spotfire


A suggestion there was to use WMS layer instead.

I have alerted people with a great amount of knowledge about maps about your inquiry. Hopefully one of them will have some good suggestions for you.

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Hello Jose,

I confirm. TMS Layers in Spotfire map charts only support EPSG:3857 coordinate system. This is a limitation in Spotfire, and as Fredrik mentioned, there is an existing enhancement idea in the Ideas portal that I encourage you to vote for.

You are able to display the TMS Layer (EPSG:3573) but the coordinate system is not correct (EPSG:3857). Therefore the problem is not on the marker layer (which should translate well either to EPSG:3857 or EPSG:3573), but on the TMS Layer side which only renders in EPSG:3857.

Unfortunately I don't have a great suggestion for you at the moment.

Best suggestion is to use a WMS Layer (we support different coordinate systems for WMS). I'm hoping the service you're using is available as WMS or you can find alternative services as WMS providing similar map.

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