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How do you connect data from a plot to a map chart where the data in the plot (scatter plot) has no longitude and latitude data but has a common column with the data that is used for the map chart?

Nathaniel Ubana

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In general, you would handle that by setting up Relations for the underlying data tables used in those two visualizations. You can read more about how that is done in the Analyst manual, e.g. see "Details on Manage Relations" (https://docs.tibco.com/pub/sfire-analyst/12.4.0/doc/html/en-US/TIB_sfire-analyst_UsersGuide/index.htm#t=data%2Fdata_details_on_manage_relations.htm

Once you have a relation, you can e.g. do marking/filtering etc in one plot, using one data table, which then affect marking/filtering etc in another other plot that is using another data table.

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