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Reset button for each page/ Reset button for all pages

Min Su Sun

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I have two buttons in textarea.

One button should be a function that initializes the filter only for that page,

The other button should be a function to initialize all pages.

In this case, how should I configure the filter?

And is it possible with a script?

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Hello Min

Not sure what you mean by initialize the filter. Do you mean set the filter to a specific value? Do you want to reset visible filters or reset all filters from a particular filtering scheme? How many filtering schemes do you have? If you have only one, all pages will be affected when resetting that one filtering scheme. If you have a different filtering scheme for each page, then you can reset the active filtering scheme

Button 1. Reset filters from the active page current filtering scheme

activePage = Document.ActivePageReference Document.FilteringSchemes[activePage.ActiveFilteringSelectionReference].ResetAllFilters()

Button 2. Reset the selected filtering scheme from each page

for page in Document.Pages: Document.FilteringSchemes[page.ActiveFilteringSelectionReference].ResetAllFilters()

Reset all filtering schemes (on all pages):

for scheme in Document.FilteringSchemes: scheme.ResetAllFilters()


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Hola Tocayo!

#1. Take the filter panel from the desired page in filter panel
#filterPanel = Document.Pages[1].FilterPanel
filterPanel = Document.ActivePageReference.FilterPanel

#1.1 Select the filtering scheme to use (optional)
#filterringScheme = Document.FilteringSchemes[Document.Data.Filterings["Filtering scheme"]]
#filterPanel.FilteringSchemeReference = filteringScheme 

#2. Reset only visible filters
for tableGroup in filterPanel.TableGroups:
   for filterHandle in tableGroup.FilterHandles:
      if filterHandle.Visible:



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