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How can I customize details on demand in the developer client as an author and make sure all consumers see the same

Jeetendra Rao

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I am trying to fix the columns that are shown when a user in the web player clicks on show details for a particular visualization

I have tried to select and order the columns in the developer client. Then saved it as an embedded file on the web player, but in the web player it is showing all the columns in the Details on demand, instead of just showing the columns I selected in the developer client


Any ideas

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Hey Jeetendra. Ah, the classic dance with customization quirks. I've waltzed through similar conundrums before. It seems like the web player is doing its own tango with the columns, not quite following your lead. I found some good advice here: https://www.iplocation.net/navigating-the-expertise-pool-where-and-how-to-find-web-developers-for-your-upcoming-venture

Here's a foxtrot for you: Ensure that your embedded file is gracefully embracing the changes. Sometimes, the sync between the developer client and the web player needs a gentle nudge. Double-check if your file is saving all the tweaks you made.

Now, let me sprinkle a bit of magic: Consider clearing any cache haunting the web player. Sometimes, it clings onto outdated configurations like a stubborn barnacle.

As for my journey, trial and error were my trusty companions. Embrace the rhythm of experimentation, and you might just find the right dance moves to sync those columns seamlessly.

Keep tweaking, Jeetendra! The tech dance floor is yours to conquer. 

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