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I have linked ODBC database to the spotfire analysis. However, the spotfire fails to extract all new data from the database. Could you please help?

Prabandha Nakarmi

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To start with, could you please describe the issue in a bit more detail, including the following (but any additional details help):

* "spotfire fails to extract all new data from the database" - do you get any kind of error then (if so, please share it), or do you mean that you just get the original data from when you first created the analysis, but no additional data that has been added in your database after that, or something else?

* For testing, what happens if you create a new analysis connecting to the same data source/the same exact data - do you get that new data then?

* Are you using the installed client (Spotfire Analyst/Desktop) or a web client to open the Spotfire analysis now?


* What Spotfire version are you using?

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Hi Fredrik,

  1. Yes, spotfire failed to extract all of the additional data. It extracted some of the new data but not all. (The picture in black is what I see in the extracted table in spotfire. Other pictures are from database which shows all the values that I want.) One solution is if I reset all the filters and reload data linked, I get all my data extracted. This solved the problem. However, not practical because I have to use multiple filters every time.
  2. Yes, with the new analysis, I am getting a new data and it includes all the data.
  3. I am using both Spotfire Analyst and web client.
  4. I am using spotfire version 12.0.3.

image.png.a6f00243f35832a71407cf45074a2fde.pngimage.png.893b34a61fb077a71c9b75564d5204d0.pngimage.png.f2163987cd3227b6d134c2b8d6306640.pngimage.png.7e44b7ee132938f9c99d1d6a87e2f861.pngCould you please help?


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Hello again,

Based on this, the first thing I would check is if that data source has been set to use stored data, which means that it's linked to the underlying data source but only updated when you trigger a reload manually (alternatively, it could have been set as embedded).

You can read more about this in the manual:


As stated and illustrated there, "The data loading settings are, in general, available when clicking on a data source node in the Data canvas, but you can also change settings directly when saving an analysis." so check in one of those places (I like using the Save As dialog to get a quick overview of the setting for all data sources)


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