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Python data function error in transformation

John Frame 3

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I have a python data function I'm trying to use as a transformation in Data Canvas. When I try to execute it, I get this error:

spotfire.sbdf.SBDFError: types in column 'Value' do not match

Value is a column in my result table, and I tried the following to force the data type of the column to string:

df['Value'] = df['Value'].astype(str)

I still get this error. Any suggestions?


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I'm now getting this error:

AttributeError: module 'spotfire' has no attribute 'set_spotfire_types'

My organization currently uses spotfire 10.10. Is this something that would have been implemented in a newer version? Is there a way to update the package?

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Hi Gaia,

Working on Spotfire 10.10 I get the same error as John while I was trying to run a python script. I tried your approach, so I imported the same script on spotfire 12 and added the following lines to the script:

  • import spotfire
  • spotfire.set_spotfire_types(df, {'Qty':int})

I replaced string with int since the column Qty is actually a column of integers.

However, I get this error: AttributeError: module 'spotfire' has no attribute 'set_spotfire_types'.

What can I do?

I' d also like to better understand the nature of the problem, so to try to adjust the script to make it more Spotfire friendly. Can you help me?

Thank you,


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It works for me, so I am not sure what happened.

I noticed that in your script you should use 'Integer' not 'int' as that should be a Spotfire type; and enclosed in quotes as the input parameter should be a string. So:

spotfire.set_spotfire_types(df, {'Qty':'Integer'})

But this should not affect your error. In fact, your original script should throw a different error, because it would complain about the input parameter being the wrong data type.

Can you try this:

first look in the list of installed packages: (menu > Tools > Python tools > Package management)

you should see 'spotfire' listed:

image.png.469621ff7561283cd5e5d0b67fdd431a.pngthen, if you did see it installed:

add these lines to your script:

functions = dir(spotfire)functions = 'n'.join(functions)

then set 'functions' as output parameter of type Value and connect it to a new document property. It should display the list of spotfire functions, each one in a new line. I see this, when I display the document property as a label in a text area:


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