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KPI Chart Not Showing on Web Version

Brett Williams 2

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When users interact with an analysis on the Web Player, their personalized sessions are remembered by default. This means the active page, filter settings, property settings, etc., will be remembered and applied to the analysis the next time the user opens the report in the Web Player. This behavior is enabled or disabled with the following option as set in the TIBCO Professional Client:

•   Edit > Document Properties > Library Tab > Remember personalized view for each Web Player user

You can force the Web Player not to apply the remembered user's session state by appending '&applyState=false' to the URL used to open the report. This is useful for troubleshooting issues or if a report will not open on the Web Player for particular users.

For example, if the URL for accessing the analysis in the Web Player is:


append '&applyState=false' and the report will open just as it was saved to the Library:


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