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How to initialize a specific listbox filter

Min Su Sun

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I want to reset the value selected in a specific listbox filter when I click a button in the text area.

For example, as shown below, the step2 value is selected in listbox B in the textarea. I want to know how to make step2 selected in B select (All) 3 values ​​when button A is clicked.

* Button A

* Value of listbox filter B:

- (All) 3 values

- step 1

- step2 (selected)

- step3

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This can be done by using an IronPython script to reset just one filter. The script is as follows:

from Spotfire.Dxp.Application.Filters import *page = Application.Document.ActivePageReferencefilter_panel = page.FilterPanelfiltering_scheme=filter_panel.FilteringSchemeReferencespecific_filter=filtering_scheme.Item[mytable].Item[mytable.Columns.Item[mycolumn]]specific_filter.Reset()

Where mytable and mycolumn are the data table and column in question. These both need to be added as inputs into the data script as well. Then add this as an Action Control into a text area on the same page (this script relies on it all being on the same page), and you're good to go!

(This answer was also given on Stack Overflow here .)



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