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Dual Y-axis line plot, distinct left and right Y-axis titles

brecht Vanbillemont

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I would like to plot multiple traces of a process with two distinct parameters on a single line plot.

The left Y-axis should reflect process parameter A (i.e., Temperature), and the right Y-axis should reflect process parameter B in log scale.

I would like to have the left Y axis title to say "Process Parameter A" and and the right axis title say "Process Parameter B"

I found the dual axis option. However, the left or right axis label just mentions the selected columns and since there are possibly numerious columns displayed on each axis At some point I get just the count of columns instead of a proper title as seen below.


When I unpivot the table to make it from a wide to skinny table, with one column the value and another categorical column displaying the data trace name. And upon displaying this in a line plot with color by category in dual axis, there is only one left Y-axis label and no right Y-axis label as seen below:


is there a possiblity to organize the data in a way to display a lineplot with numerous data-trace colors and the left Y axis title: "Process Parameter A" and and the right axis title: "Process Parameter B"

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You can vote for this suggestion on our Ideas Portal here:


You might also want to look into Mods, as they give you a way to build a custom visualization that is native to Spotfire. This is available starting with Spotfire 11, and you can find more information here:


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