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Can I import custom python packages to spotfire?

Li Mingchao
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I am not sure how you would get a video demonstration, probably contacting support?

This article might also help:


There is a quick and easy shortcut to importing Python packages, that works as an ungoverned one-off to your own installation only, but you can at least try it for quick testing.

1 - to find where Spotfire Python packages are installed, from your open Spotfire dashboard, on the top menu click on Tools > Python Tools

then look at the Path to Local Python Interpreter string.

This path should be something like "C:UsersxxxTIBCOSpotfireyyyModuleszzzpythonpython.exe"

(give or take some intermediate sub-folders; here xxx yyy and zzz are just placeholders for whatever your own installation says)

2 - The first bit of this string, up to 'python' will tell you where your Spotfire installation expects Python modules.

In order to put a new Python module into it so that Spotfire sees it, you need to copy your custom Python folder into the site-packages folder:


so if your module is called e.g. 'my_python' you would copy it there, then invoke it simply as 'import my_python' from your script within Spotfire.

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