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I want to filter the complete report by a single date.The user should be able to change the date filter & see any other date's data.And I want the report to open to default date as today and the data should also be for today.How I can do this in Spotfire?

Shahrukh Choudhary

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Here are some additional options:

Using an Iron Python script, you could set a filter to filter to today's date, as e.g. described in the following article:  


To have that script run when the report is opened, my preferred method would be to use the Custom DateTime Data Function for TIBCO Spotfire, which you can read more about here: https://community.spotfire.com/s/article/Custom-DateTime-Data-Function-for-TIBCO-Spotfire)

As stated there:

"The main goal of the Custom DateTime Data Function for TIBCO Spotfire® is to enable the running of IronPython scripts on Analysis Open, Filter and Marking changes. The Custom DataTime Data Function allows one to trigger IronPython scripts without having to use a TERR/statistical Data Function for only that purpose."

Another completely different approach could be to use configuration blocks (this could be an option if you e.g. have a web page where users open analyses in a web client). Your page could then simply provide the current date in the configuration block, using SetFilter. You can read more about that here: 


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