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Is there a way to prevent multiple users from over-writing the same DXP file?

Qing Wong

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Our team currently has a DXP file that is shared between 5 users. We link it to about 15 spreadsheets full of experimental data on SharePoint, using the Custom Connector. One thing we're finding is that when individual users are working with the visualization and making changes, pressing 'save' causes the other users' changes to be lost the next time they open. Is there any way to restrict this from happening? Something like a check-in check-out system.

If not, I think the most critical aspect is not having redundant additions of data connections in the Data Canvas. If one user adds data then saves the file, will the new data connections be updated for everyone else once they 'Reload linked data'?



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As Kirsten mentioned, Library versioning addresses one aspect of this, allowing multiple copies of an analysis to exist so at least the content that is developed in parallel is not lost (but it is not automatically merged into the same analysis).   

There are multiple open ideas in the TIBCO Ideas Portal for adding better support for multiple users to develop an analysis together, that I encourage you to vote and comment on: 

Lock DXP for Editing


Ability to work simultaneously on a dxp and merge afterwards


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