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Is it possible to use marked records in a calculated column?

Michelle Lacy 4

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To my knowledge, there is no direct way to do this, and to my surprise, I did not find any existing idea for this in the TIBCO Ideas Portal (https://ideas.tibco.com/ideas/) so please(!) create an idea. I will definitely vote for it.

If it's just for a one-time operation, Edit menu > Marked Rows > Filter To could be one way to get a column that could then be used in your calculated column to distinguish between marked and unmarked rows.

Another option could be to use a Data Function that does the same thing as above but is updated automatically when the marking changes. 

Example: using a TERR Data Function:

output <- rep(TRUE, length(input))

where output and input are both Columns.

When configuring the parameters:

Allow automatic updates

Set input to any column (e.g. an ID column) in the data table of interest. Under "Limit by", select the marking to use.

Set output to be a new column. Under "Map input to rows", select the input called input, and "Replace columns on update".

Now, when you mark something using that marking in that data table, the values will be True for the marked rows, and empty values for the other rows. Just like in the more basic example above, this column could then be used in your calculated column.

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